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Large Indian Burial Mound Photographed in Miami County, Indiana

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Land owner hides the location for fear of looting by Indiana archaeologists

Historic Map of Miami County, Indiana showing the former locations of Indian burial mounds in the County. The remaining mound is the largest burial mound in Northern Indiana. It is not listed as a historic site nor preserved from excavations. Similar mounds in this area contained single hole pendants, bone awls and other artifacts from the Maritime Archaic. The early Iroquois can be associated with the Meadowood and Point Peninsula that are found from the lower Great Lakes to the eastern extent of the St. Lawrence River.

Oblong burial mound located in Miami County, Indiana. The mound sits on what appears to be an artificial circular elevation. Locals have called this the "Top Hat Mound" because of the uniqueness of this site. The exact location of the mound was not divulged in the "Travel Guide" because the owner does not wish archaeologists to excavate and destroy the mound.

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