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Newark, Ohio Large Burial Mounds

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Visiting Newark Ohio earthworks can be enhanced by traveling a few mile south to visit some of the largest burial mounds in Ohio.

ohio mounds

A large burial mound is located near Jacksontown, Ohio a few miles south of the Newark Earthworks. From this mound you would have been able to see the large 50 foot stone mound that was located off I-70. The destruction of this stone mound by the city of Columbus is one of the greatest tragedies in American history.

ohio mounds

To the south of Jacksontown and Newark, Ohio is this giant sized effigy mound that is supposed to be a bear, according to a local historian who took us to the site. The mound, like most in Ohio has been heavily damaged by the Ohio Historical Society.

ohio mounds

From the last mound, and Glenford Fort this large mound can be seen in the horizon, capping this large hill. It has a sub conical shape that is due to the destruction done by the Ohio Historical Society. The mounds along with the Glenford Fort all within a half hour of the Newark earthworks and will give the traveler a true sense in the concentration of the large mounds and earthworks that were once in this part of the state of Ohio.

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