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Adena Henge or Sun Temple is Discovered in Chillicothe, Ohio

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adena mound builders

Adena or Beaker People Henge in England. A "henge" is defined by a circular earthwork with an outer wall and interior ditch that is usually breached by a gateway that is aligned to a solar event.

A 2500 year old earthwork called a henge that was an earthen temple dedicated to the Sun god has been located in Chillicothe, Ohio. Archaeologist at the Hopewell Culture National Park in Chillicothe were clueless of its existence, despite being literally in their back yard.

The henge in Chillicothe appears to be the standard size of this type that is 210 feet in diameter and 660 feet in circumference. The surrounding ditch would have been 30 feet wide. The best preserved of these henge types is at Mounds State Park.

adena mound builders

This is the henge located at Mounds State Park in Anderson, Indiana. The henge at Chillicothe, Ohio is the same size. Note the burial mound in the center of the middle platform. At Mounds State Park this henge aligned with the adjoining works to align to the Summer and Winter Solstices. It was later destroyed by Indiana University archaeologists who were completely ignorant to its importance as a solar marker.

adena mound builders

Aerial photo of the Adena Sun Temple Henge in Chillicothe, Ohio. It appears to be aligned to the Summer Solstice sunrise. Also note, the dot in the middle of the central platform shows that a burial mound was in the center. Another Henge was opposite this one, but is only faintly visible. What appears to be a sacred via is also visible extending from the north portion of the gateway to the henge.

adena mound builders

Another Adena henge group is located in Cambridge City Indiana. It, like the Adena henge in Chillicothe, Ohio has been plowed for many years. This henge is the same size as Anderson and presumably Chillicothe.

adena mound builders

Despite being plowed for years the Cambridge City, Indiana Adena henge is still visible in this field. It is presumed that the Adena Henge in Chllicothe will look very similar to this.

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